Restructuring a House: How to Pay the Costs in Installments

Small and big desires, small and big expenses. A new car, a journey, the renovation of the house: some can be put in the background, others are much more urgent.

The renovation of the house, for themselves or for their children, can be a need or a dream; in any case it is certainly a relevant outlay. Often, however, the ratio between monthly income and expenses does not make it possible to pay the necessary costs at once, forcing them to postpone. The work to be done is numerous, and prices rise in proportion. However, there is a solution by which this small desire can be realized by paying the restructuring costs in installments: this is the personal loan.

The personal loan to pay in installments the renovation of the house

The personal loan to pay in installments the renovation of the house

A loan for which it is not necessary to clarify the precise reasoning, the sum of which is requested directly from the applicant’s current account, which is very useful for covering the costs of the renovation works.

If the amount of expenses is included between 2000 and 60,000 euros, the personal loan distributed by IBL Banca is suitable for this situation. The reimbursement takes place by deduction from the current account or by payment through postal slips and the installments, the amount of which is agreed according to the needs of the applicant, remains constant throughout the period of the loan, which can be extended up to 120 months.

Who can request it

Who can request it

Individuals, artisans, employees, pensioners and self-employed workers, aged between 18 and 70, can apply for the loan. The main requirement is an adequate proportion between the income received and the amount requested, as well as the good credit position and therefore the not having any delay in the repayment of other loans in progress.

The request for a personal loan is an excellent solution to pay in installments the costs of restructuring your home or loved ones.

No more excuse to postpone this expense!

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